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Things you might want to know about booking Junction9

How long do we play for? - Generally two 45 min sets works well for parties, but we are flexible and can play longer sets depending on what is required, contact us to talk about your event.

What power do we need? - Two 13 amp sockets will provide enough power to run our equipment.

Do we need a stage? - No we can set up anywhere as long as there is enough room, if it is possible to play on a raised platform it can work better for the sound, but it is by no means essential

Do you need to feed us? - If we are going to be with you from late afternoon until late evening, sandwiches or a snack  of some sort is appreciated

How long do we need to set up? - We like to have an hour and a half to set up our equipment and carry out a sound check prior to the first guests arriving

Where can we hear you play? - Most of our engagements are at private events so it is not generally possible to come to one of our performances unless as a guest. However  if you are considering booking us and want to hear us play live, you would be most welcome to attend one of our evening rehearsals in Leatherhead.

Do we do requests? - It is not possible to do requests on the evening for songs that are not on our set list, however if given enough notice we will try and add any specific tunes you would like that are within our capability (please don’t ask for Bohemian Rhapsody...!)

Is the band insured? - Yes we have Public Liability Cover through the (Alliance of Musicians and Performers AMP) to the value of £10m.  Please click the AMP logo below to confirm details.

Is our electrical equipment PAT tested? - yes our equipment is safety tested and a PAT certificate is available by clicking the button below

Check if this Act has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Musicians & Performers

Contact Junction9 to find out how we could help at your event:

Mail: info@junction9.org PAT Certificate