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Junction9 was formed in late 2008 by Nigel and  the original guitarist Mike , who had previously played together in MidlifeCrisis2.  The band comprises vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums.  This line up is ideal for the delivery of a wide range of musical styles, and we try to ensure there is something for everyone at one of our performances.

Junction9 had it’s first gig in early 2009 and in the period since has played at many private parties, public and club events such as the 50th Anniversary of the Eton & Windsor Operatic Society.

We have also played at a number of charity events including music evenings arranged by the band to raise money for a range of charities such as local hospices,  The Childrens Trust and Help For Heroes amongst others. Junction9 has appeared for eleven consecutive years at Ashtead Village Day. This event is arranged by Ashtead Rotary Club each June to raise funds for a number of local causes.

We are generally booked through personal recommendation from someone who has seen us play, so we think we are doing something right!

Find out more about the members of Junction9, point at a picture below:

Clive - Vocals

Nigel - Drums

Pete - Guitar

Nick - Bass

Peter - Keyboards

Helen - Vocals

Clive is our lead vocalist and ‘front man’ and was in at the beginning of the band.  Clive enjoys singing most styles of music but is happiest performing good strong rock and blues tunes.

Clive has an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music and is the bands resident DJ so can sing it or play it depending what you want!

Nigel is the Junction9 ‘drummist’ and co-founder of the band. Nigel has been playing in covers/events bands over the last 10 years and is happiest when playing loudest, although can be persuaded to play quietly sometimes! Nigel is certainly the best drummer in his price range and does his best to keep the band in time….!

Pete is our resident rock guitarist, enjoying more heavier sounds than we usually play. A very experienced guitarist having played with other bands for many years

Nick is the band's bass player and is the newest member of the band.  Nick's age lowers the overall average age of the band consierably. His playing underpins every performance.

Peter is master of the keyboards and joined the band just before our first gig on 2009.   Peter is our resident expert on music theory, holding an 'O' level in music, and has considerable experience in playing live music in other contexts.

The addition of keyboards to the band opened up the opportunity to play a much wider range of music and expanded the sound of the band.

Helen is our female vocal lead and provides harmonies and backing vocals to the band.

Contact Junction9 to find out how we could help at your event:

Mail: info@junction9.org